Profile of Francesco Fedele

Home Club

01399930 - Toastmasters Roma 

03704211 - founder FAO Staff Toastmasters

04304570 - founder Toastmasters INAIL


Job Title/Employer/Relevant Work Experience

VP & Treasurer/Sophia R&I/Coordinating EU Funded research projects

CFO/Sophia srl/Founding member, CFO


Hobbies and Interests

Swimming, Skin diving and Scuba Diving: PADI Instructor since 2005

Marklin model train (analog and digital versions) developer

Hi-tech enthusiast


Honours/Recognition inside Toastmasters

June 2014: HPL for bringing Italy into District 59

September 2014: DTM, three years and two months after joining TI

November 2014: Distinguished Service Award in Leadership on Incorporation of Italy into District 59 – started by organizing the first conference calls between the Italian Clubs in 2012

February 2015: Club Growth Award

November 2015: President's Distinguished Area Director


Palmares (placements at Italian Conference Contests)

April 2012           1st conf., 2nd place Italian Evaluation Contest

November 2012   2nd conf., 1st place Italian Humorous Speech Contest

November 2012   2nd conf., 2nd place English Humorous Speech Contest

November 2012   2nd conf., 3nd place Italian Table Topic Contest

November 2012   2nd conf., 3nd place English Table Topic Contest

May 2013            3rd conf., 2nd place Italian Evaluation Contest

June 2014           5th conf., 3nd place Italian Speech Contest

June 2014           5th conf., 3rd place Italian Evaluation Contest

June 2014           5th conf., 3rd place English Evaluation Contest


Qualifications for Service

Joined Toastmasters almost 5 years ago



Division G Director – Division is Distinguished and bound to be President’s Distinguished

Division has grown of three new clubs and membership raised 10%



Area G3 Governor – Area became President’s Distinguished

Club Building Award (two new clubs on January 1st, 2015)


- FAO Staff Toastmasters Club Mentor

- Toastmasters INAIL Club Mentor

Local arrangements chair for DECM held in Rome in September 2014

Director of video that won TM Brand Contest for November 2014



VPE and IPP of Toastmasters Roma

- Club achieved the President Distinguished award for the second time

Chaired the 5th Italian Toastmasters Conference

Since April 2014 easy-Speak support for Italy

Since November 2013 REP Ambassador



President of Toastmasters Roma

 - I had the honour to empower a great committee, two members of which became President and one was Division Governor Assistant in the next terms

 - Club achieved the President Distinguished award for the first time

Chaired the 2nd Italian Toastmasters Conference



Interim VPM of Toastmasters Roma

VPPR of Toastmasters Roma

- The Club achieved Select Distinguished Award


Mentored a number of members of Toastmasters Roma who later became President, VPE and Area Director, VPM, VPPR and Div. Gov. Assitant


Personal message

“My almost 5 years journey in Toastmasters has been an incredible learning experience: I reached DTM and have had the opportunity to serve in almost all leadership roles in my club, then as Area Director and now Division Director. In my professional life I have been a Product Manger, Marketing Manager and successfully started two different companies. I believe I can now best bring my skills, energy and experience to serve all Clubs in helping promote Toastmasters. I would like to lead a team to make Toastmasters the best kwown tool in Europe for self development in communication and leadership.”