Informations on Francesco Fedele


Short CV –activities at TM


Francesco first found out about Toastmasters on July 2011 and immediately feel in love.

From his ice-breaker in 2011, to accomplishing his CC in  2012, and applying for the DTM in  2014, his Toastmasters experience has been an amazing journey.
He has been Treasurer, VP PR, VP Education and Club President of the Toastmasters Roma Club, as well as charter member for FAO Toastmasters and INAIL Toastmasters.
He is an Ambassador for the Revitalised Education Program and also technical support for EasySpeak for the Italian clubs. He led the incorporation process of Italy into D59. He was Area Governor for Area G3 (Central/South Italy) in 2014/2015 and is currently Division Director for Division G (Italy) during 2015/2016.

Short CV – professional and personal activities


Francesco manages two companies. He is VP and Treasurer of SOPHIA R&I, an organization dedicated to running EU funded research projects, mainly in the area of learning technologies and methodologies. In this functions,  he helps to manage four international projects and oversees the financial management of six more projects.

He is CFO of SOPHIA Srl, a limited company that brings the results of the research projects developed by SOPHIA R&I to the market,. And offers IT and eLearning services to its clients.
Francesco is also a professional trainer, teaching EU project management in the European Projects Academy and teaching public speaking at the Speakers Factory.

He teaches (and loves) diving,  takes pleasure in good food and ...  enjoys life!



Commitment or willingness to dedicate himselve and his own time

During the last five years, Francesco became a dedicated contributor with Toastmasters. He dedicated many long hours to in.



Excellent knowledge of the Toastmasters’ education program

Francesco has been through the whole Toastmasters Educational programme himself. He  reached the DTM level with the help of many dedicated Toastmasters and by presenting many  workshops and education projects.




Creates, motivates and works with a team sharing a common vision and goals

Francesco has led multiple teams, both as President of the club ExComm as well as Chair of the Second and Fifth Italian Toastmasters Conference. And currently in the quality of Division Director.




Communicates effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds

Francesco is used to managing European projects in an inclusive way, with people from different organisations and different countries.



Recognises success and mentors others

Francesco has mentored a number of Toastmasters Roma members, many of which have then taken a role in the ExComm and as District officers. He continues to mentor new members. And in his current role of Division Director takes profit of all occasions to recognise achievements of the members, as well as the clubs in the Division.



Be an inspiring role model for others
Francesco has inspired and contaminated many others with his passion for Toastmasters. His willingness to give back to the organization is visible to many.

Team work


Francesco worked in various types of teams, both remotely and in person. From research teams to production teams, from executives’ teams to scuba divers teams!

Mediating skills: often working in the middle ground between technical and marketing/sales areas, as well as with people coming from many different cultural backgrounds.

Teaching skills: teaching technical and business subjects to very different groups, from students to senior professionals.

Intercultural skills: experienced at working in a European/Mediterranean dimension.

Communications skills: acquired through experience as a sales manager and marketing manager.



Through the management of various projects and of different organizations, he acquired very good skills in leading teams (both in person and virtual environments) and company management. Proficient in process evaluation and restructuring. And has a track record in  organising various conferences, training seminars and participation in tradeshows.

IT skills


Expert designer of information systems, software products and processes. Able to explain and apply the most appropriate design methodology ranging from UML, Entity-Relationship, UBL, Quality Management, Mind Maps and others. Experienced Project Manager with a focus on budget management, performance optimization, problem solving and objective achievement.

Expert on e-learning and learning methodologies, with a long experience in the University and Vocational Training sector, both for traditional and distance courses, both in designing and managing courses.

Experienced user of most PC operating systems (Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.x and previous, Windows, Linux), as well as VAX VMS and Univac Exec-8. Able to configure and manage Internet/Intranet Web, FTP, Email, e-Learning and content management servers, and advanced features in email/collaboration and VOIP software. Able to write program code in Java, C, Basic (all variations), Fortran, PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, XML/XSLT and all related dialects. Competent with all Office programmes and multimedia software (see below).

Specific experience on CMS and eLearning systems, in particular on Joomla and Moodle.

Photography and video


Good digital photographer and experienced producer of multimedia presentations. Advanced user of a number of digital editing programmes like music/audio editing, photo management and modification, CD/DVD creation, cartoon and graphic creation.

Developed video spots for various projects and products, designed and produced videos for training and dissemination purposes.

Knowledge of languages


Fluent: Italian and English

Proficient: French and Spanish

Basic knowledge: Serbo-Croatian and Polish