Why am I running for PRM?

My 5 years’ journey in Toastmasters has been an incredible learning experience. Which I wish to share to inspire many other Toastmasters.

I was fortunate to reach DTM with the support of so many helping members. I have had the opportunity to serve in almost all leadership roles in my club, followed by being Area Director and now Division Director. Thank you!

In my professional life I have been working as a Product Manager, Marketing Manager and successfully started two different companies. Therefore, I believe I can now bring my proven skills, high energy and excellent track record to serve all Clubs in helping to promote Toastmasters. I would like to lead a team to make Toastmasters the best known tool in Europe in the area of self-development for communication and leadership.


Why am I using the acronym FF4PRM?

Because, in my view, acronyms can easily summon up complex concepts :-). FF4PRM stands for (Electing) Francesco Fedele for (4) Public Relations Manager 


How do I plan to develop Public Relations in the District?

I suggest to work around three things:

  • user-friendly tools: IT tools which enable an easy access to PR material, at local level for local use. Also IT tools that can make PR work easier.
  • standard processes: easily usable and actionable standardised processes for every club’s needs.
  • a dedicated team: a team of involved Division Assistants who can work on each Division's PR,  involving the club's VP PRs.


What will be my main challenges for this position and how I plan to overcome them?

Challenges/Solutions in the 21st Century Social Media World:

  • Raising the bar: Inspiring Toastmaster with a basic knowledge of PR techniques.
  • Helping members by organising specific training to help them use modern PR media in Toastmasters clubs.
  • Working from a basis of Toastmasters with limited time and resources - make members profit from proven practices: optimise the use of their time, use IT tools to maximise results and reduce the required effort to achieve maximum impact.
  • Not all clubs lead active PR campaigns: support and guide with suggestions on how to promote the clubs and disseminate the benefits of PR programmes.


What are my objectives as the new PRM?

My shared objectives are to:

• enhance the recognition of the Toastmasters' brand

• offer club PR specific training and make it available to all clubs

• offer standardised processes to deal with guests

• support the Divisions in enhancing the quality of their PR programmes

• simplify the production of content for the various social channels and the newsletter, by asking authors to only enter info once only in a single email or a single form

• offer ready-to-be customised PR materials in different languages

• help clubs to share their best practices on PR programmes

• reward/recognize the best PRs of the district on regular periods throughout the year

• make sure each club has a web and social presence and support those who need to build it

• further develop the District website and social presence on Facebook

• further develop other social channels


What is my strategy?

The pre-condition is to collaborate with a dedicated team of Division PR Assistants who are motivated to turn this common vision into reality: I have started contacting a few people who are as passionate as I am.

So, now I am waiting for the names of the new Division Directors to contact them. In order to identify the people who wish to be in charge of this new project.

Secondly, I would like to better understand what are the real needs of the District. And what are the real needs of each individual Division and Club.

We need to ensure that the District completes the gap and provides, to the clubs, the possibilities of service which are still missing.

I know we can do just average. But why average? We can always go further and aim higher.


To provide training to all PR enthusiasts in the clubs,  we could:

  • offer online and in presence training to both VP PRs and all interested people
  • demonstrate the benefits of a good club PR campaign to a club in need and learn from PR experts
  • offer clubs and members the support of a team and resources dedicated to PR work


To make best use of limited time and resources, we could:

  • use IT to support our PR efforts, providing a single entry point (email or online form) to provide PR content (news, events announcements, achievements reached, etc.) that can later be used in Clarion, on the District website, but also the Division website and all the social channels, possibly automating the publication
  • avoid duplicating efforts, share best practice and materials


To get all clubs motivated and involved in PR, we could:

  • reward and recognize publically the clubs who are the champions of PR
  • request help from internal PR experts in the field of marketing and communication
  • provide ready-to-use and localised PR materials for the various occasions


Do you share my vision? 

Do you want to work on this joint project?

All the above suggestions could be supported and coordinated together by the PRM and the whole team.

And further put into practice by the local PR Assistants of the Division Directors, as well as the VP PRs of all clubs.

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's make it happen!