FF4PRM - Francesco Fedele for Public Relations Manager

Dear District Council Members, dear Toastmasters of District 59,
I am a nominated candidate for the position of Public Relations Manager (PRM), running for elections at the District Council Meeting in Luxembourg on the 21st of May.

My 5 years’ journey in Toastmasters has been an incredible learning experience thanks to having the opportunity to serve in almost every leadership role in my home club, Toastmasters Roma. Many District Leaders had a possibility to visit the club when I had the opportunity of being the host of the District Executive Council Meeting in September 2014, and that provided even more opportunities of learning from experienced colleagues.

I was also Area Director 2014/15 and currently I am Division Director of Division G (Italy) and this has allowed me to learn also outside the club environment, working with a team of excellent officers. 

I wish to thank you again at this point for your involvement in making Italy a districted Division of Toastmasters. And in parallel, thank you for all your contributions towards the DTM journey I could achieve with your help.
I learned so much in the overall process that I wish to share. During my journey, I also had the possibility of giving speeches in other clubs throughout Italy as well as in other countries. I met many of you during the District conferences of the past five years and attending the DECM of the past two, and I had an opportunity to getting to know your individual needs and learning with your feedback.

I am so fortunate. Toastmasters makes me look better than I am. I now am seen as a guide in the club, as someone holding the torch. I am in a position to help people with a growth mind-set, filled with passion and a desire to achieve new goals in the spirit of teamwork. Toastmasters is about growth, not about self-importance.

In my professional life I have been a Product Manager, Marketing Manager and successfully started two different companies. Therefore, I believe I can now bring my proven skills, high energy and work experience to serve all Clubs. To help to promote Toastmasters by taking on this new role of the District's PRM.

I aim high at making Toastmasters the best known education programme in Europe for self-development. In both communication and leadership tracks.

I plan to carry out this role by heading a team which will include the PR Assistants of every Divisions, as well as supporting each one of Club's PR efforts.

The final work plan will be decided jointly within this team. As to the main goals, I will propose some of my ideas, to include:

  • enhancing the recognition of the Toastmasters' brand
  • using the District website to our best advantage
  • exploring the social channels (Facebook, LinkIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr,...)
  • spreading widely news about what is going on in Toastmasters throughout the District
  • disseminating this news in a semi-automated way which  requires much less effort from the Divisions and their PR people
  • offering ready-to-use and when possible localised PR material that Divisions, Areas and Clubs can use for their specific needs
  • sharing the District’s best practices
  • making Toastmasters known throughout our District
  • and last but not least (!) recognising all members who contribute daily to Toastmasters

I plan to reach those goals with help of:

  • user-friendly tools: IT tools that can make PR easier, by semi-automating postings on the different social channels (example: the news releases sent by Toastmasters International) as well as the District's website
  • standard processes: easily usable and actionable standardised processes for every club needs
  • a dedicated team: a team of involved Division Assistants who can work on each Division's PR, involving the club's VP PRs

Do you share my vision? Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give me your opinions.

And of course: vote for me on the 21st of May 21 and elect Francesco Fedele for District 59 Public Relations Manager (FF4PRM).



About me

More details about me, what I do, why I would like to be the PRM

Short CV

Short CV

A short CV detailing my activities in and outside TI and my skills - if you want to understand better who I am.

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Offices, activities, awards

Offices, activities, awards

Offices held, awards gained and activities performed in TI - on July 11, 2011 I become a member of Toastmasters Roma, the club I still belong to

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Why I am running as PRM and more questions answered

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I joined Toastmasters on July 11th, 2011, and achieved the DTM award on September 3rd, 2014, three years after my first speech. My HPL project was bringing Italy into District 59, a project I started working on in December 2011 and finished on July 1st, 2014 when Italy became part of D59. The biggest challenge during this project was not loosing faith that the objective could be reached, making sure all the clubs agreed and formalised their agreement, explaining to members the advantages, and working with leaders in other clubs.
Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service

I was awarded for Distinguished Service since I was one of the leading forces in the effort of incorporating Italy into the district, an effort started in December 2011 and completed on February 18th, 2014 , when Toastmasters International approved the incorporation of Italy into the District. The most memorable moment during this journey was November 16th, 2013, in Budapest at the fall district conference, when the District Council voted to recommend to TI BoD to accept Italy’s request to be incorporated in the District.
Best Club Growth

Best Club Growth

As Area Governor for G3 I earned the Club Building Award for having lead the development of the area from 3 to 5 clubs during the first semester of my mandate. I supported the birth of Toastmasters FAO and Toastmasters INAIL, the latter chartered on October 22nd, 2014, the 90th anniversary of Toastmasters International, with 21 charter members (amongst which myself). The Area became President's Distinguished.

My Objectives as Public Relations Manager for the District

While the actual workplace will be defined together with the team I will coordinate my proposed objectives would be to get:

Brand recognition thru social channels

Enhance the recognition of the Toastmasters' brand using in the best way the District website and the social channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, ...), spreading news about what is going on in Toastmasters throughout the District.

Ready to use PR materials

Offer ready to use and possibly localised PR material that Divisions, Areas and Clubs can use for their specific needs

Share best practice and give recognition

Share best practices and recognise those people that specifically contribute to making Toastmasters known in our District

I would like that doing PR does NOT require a lot of effort from the Divisions and their PR persons, and I think we can use IT tools to make that become true.

How would I like to develop PR in our District?

I think we need three things:

Easy tools

Easy tools

IT tools that can make PR easier, by automating postings on the different social channels, starting from the District's website. My idea is that publishing a bit of news from a Division, Area, or Club should be as easy as sending an email or filling in a form, with automatic tools taking care of the publishing (of course always under human control). My aim is to build something that will not require a lot of time and effort and will maximise the results, while also remaining available in the future.
Standard processes

Standard processes

Easily usable and actionable standardised processes for every club needs. A process should be a list of suggested actions that has been derived from experience and best practice in our District, taking into consideration the specific local needs and the diversity of our countries. An example of such a process can be how to deal with guests: once a guest has attended a meeting it is nice to send him/her a thank you email, then after a few days a reminder of the next meeting, inviting to come again. If the guest does not attend following meetings sending some interesting article/material about public speaking and leadership might help in the effort of recruiting. Having such a process available to any club in the District either to be directly used or to be personalised/adapted to local needs and language would be - I believe - a good service from the District to the clubs.
Great Team

Great Team

A team of involved Division assistants that can work on each Division's PR plus involvement from the clubs' VPPRs. I will contact the elected Division Directors to understand who they plan to appoint for this function, and if required I will suggest them some people that I have contacted and that I believe would make fantastic PR assistants.

I think we need to consider that our District is made up of different countries and our diversity calls for a flexible and adaptable way to do PR in each country.